What a morning

If I could I would love to start the morning all over again.

Master R just found it all a bit much this morning and didn’t want to go to school as he hadn’t completed his homework. If it was about play station not Mathis it would of been a very different story.

So as I sit now in a very quite house (boys are now at school) I can stop for a moment with a very nice cup of earl grey tea and think “was I like that as a child?” ” why is parenting so hard some days?”


My answer (for the moment is) this is why I’m trying to simplifier my life so I can be more available for my boys.

Last February 2011 I became sick, suffered from burnout and spent three months is bed. I couldn’t do anything. I took some time with the help of my doctor but I got thought it. I even went back to part time work for 4 months which I loved. Then in August 2011 I got sick again with headaches. The dr wasn’t going to do any bloodtest as I had then a few months back, but we did and found that my thyroid was over active and I was off the scale with the T3, T4 and TSH.

I ended up in hospital in the middle of what is called a thyroid storm, where the body attacks the thyroid to kill it plus on top off all of this it has an inflammation making it swollen and had to breath.

I could go on and on and feel sorry for myself but I won’t – I need to stop and thank God that I’m alive and slowly slowly getting better. It’s been a very long journey.

I will go into a bit more of my journey over the coming months.

Enough of this below are some pic of some happy things I’ve been upto the past few days.



I’m still trying to work on the candles and soaps the breast cancer fundraiser later this month. I think I will be getting into them over the weekend.



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