I’m still here


I’ve been a bit quite as I’ve been busy and now feeling a bit under the weather. Like all things you start with heaps of excitement and after a short time it slows down. Well that’s me at the moment.


Ive been spending time looking and reading what others have been up to and dreaming about all the things I would love to do (change) in my life.

This year I turn 45 and some days wonder what have I done on this earth during that time.

My husband and I were married in 1989 so it’s been awhile I hear you say. We are both involved in our church (Mr P) is the Senior Pastor now and I help we’re I can as we have two boys. With this comes longs hours, being on call, helping out were we can and everything else in between when you run a growing church.

Last weekend our women’s ministry held a High Tea to raising funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation. We raised $2500 which will help every little bit does. We lost a very close friend a few years back to breast cancer and there have been many families who have lost a love one over the past few years also. We got to celebrate with “Joy” who is a surviver of 12 years and presented her with a basket of goodies.


I better keep moving otherwise another day will go by and nothing done at home. I’m off to the drs later today so fingers crossed I will be feeling better sooner.

Ps I did spent some time this morning chasing a field mouse out the door I think we have more in the room.

Take care


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