Beautiful Sunday Lunch

I dont get to go out much as my husband works 6 days a week day and most nights, so when a group of friends organised a trip i was able to go.

But as normal here is sydney where we live it was foggy and raining.

it was one and half hours drive but worth it when we arrived.  I drove my car (i dont like buses)and the others went in a bus one if them organised.

i forgot to get a picture of the log fire, we had a room all to ourselves and the local sunday band was playing.  Fun was had by all.

Food was to die for good old fashion country food.

I do think we will be back soon.

Almost forgot it was called The Settlers Arms Inn


* sorry this is really badly typed im trying to get it completed on my phone before the battery goes flat.







  1. I’ve camped there at a country music festival about 30 years ago. We lived in outer western Sydney and used to visit aged friends who had a property there so after they passed on we still went to St Albans to camp, fish swim etc. It’s a beautiful place. Definitely jeans and warm jacket weather in Winter though! Nice to hear the menu hasn’t changed over the decades.

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