Home on a thursday

The sun is out for how long I’m not sure so I’ve just spent some time out side moving the chicken cage around to dry it out about. The girls loved it as they got to eat all the bugs that was under it.

As I look out my kitchen window my mind is wandering what could be. I have started on this journey of simplifying only over the past few months by my self. My husband was ok with it he really didn’t know what I was doing just thought I was bored. So I was searching the net and found Rhonda from Down to Earth (she is in Australia). I love what I was reading raced out bought her book which sits in the middle of my kitchen bench. The boys know not to move it as I refer it everyday for one thing or another. I read Rhonda’s blog while eating breakfast and everyone is still sound asleep. I know she does her blog very early in the morning so some days if I’m awake I will get up to read just it, and then go back to bed and know one even knows.

I’m sorry it my blog today seems a bit long but I just want to put down what I’m feeling so I can stay focused about why I’m on this path.

Pete and I have given up a lot to be able to follow the path that God had for us. Not sure If I have mentioned before but we are in full time pastoral ministry. So back in the mid 90’s we gave up our jobs, sold everything and moved interstate so Pete could study full time then we moved overseas so he could take up his first full time pastoral position. To cut a long story short we were o/s for 9 years sold everything again include our home to return to Australia in 2007 with two sons in tow.

We came back to a pastoral position in Sydney Australia. When we arrived we rented a house just the normal 4 bedroom 2bathroom costing $500 a week. We couldn’t stay long it was way to expense so we are now in a church house paying a bit less a week but its very close to the church and we have a bit of land to play around on hence the chickens.

We will never be able to buy in Sydney were we are the average house price is $750000. On a pastors wage this is impossible so we are thinking interstate as an investment. We dont have much superannuation as we only started it back in 2007 when we got back so we are trying to find ideas of what to do.

I said to Pete why don’t we look at something that we may be able to retire in. It’s a long way off (25years away) but we aren’t as young as we use to be. He has started to understand a bit more about this simply living idea I have. So as we do every so often look at real estate.com.au and dream about our dream home. Guess what we found one.

our dream home

We only have one small problem we don’t have any money not even the deposit. But I’m not stressed or worried. If its not this home God has something for us. He has shown us both many times he has everything in control, in his hands, in his time. He had just shown us what can be done. This may sound silly but I really do believe that he has me on this journey at this time making these changes to our money and home life so that one day we will have the funds saved to buy the home he has for us.

If I didnt come across Rhonda and her ideas we would be living out of our means, getting into more debt not being able to pay the bills on time. Which at times has happened.

Well thank you for listen to me prattle on I hope that this may help someone and know that you are not alone.

Until next





  1. Hey Sam,

    It’s all we can do currently also… dream! But one day God will honour us both and we will get that house He has planned for us!

    Love reading your thoughts – you need to prattle more often ;-)!

    What is the link to Rhonda’s blog? Sounds like something I could/should look into… we need to start seriously looking at our spending also!

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