Where did this week just go?

I’m not sure where this week went. I’ve been so busy with nothing. At the beginning of the week I had to study for my last theory exam which was on wednesday plus complete a 3.5hr spa treatment for practice as I have my last major assessment work next Wednesday. Then my days as a student are over. Yah. I will be a fully qualified beauty therapist at 45. Boy I’m old.


I’m busy knitting the backs of my potholders for the Down to Earth swap. First I had to teach myself how to knitting by making some dishcloths which was fun. I love YouTube as I was able to watch how to knit.

One of my TAFE teachers is have a baby (it’s been a wee surprise to her. She thought she had some life threatening illness but no just a baby in her tummy) so I have bought some fabric to make her a baby wrap so need to get the made by end of the weekend.

I have all this sewing to do, it great as my man has headed over the ditch to New Zealand -Wellington for the weekend to say his last goodbyes to a very close friend who is dying. On Saturday night they are holding a party to honor her and people have travelled from all over the world to attend. So he will catch up with lots of people we haven’t seen since leaving NZ in 2007.

Oh I just remember what I’ve been up to cooking. I have fall in in love cooking again. What I make has to be from scratch.

So what did I do (links included in case you want to try)

Lemon Meringue Pie – a friend gave us heaps of lemons here
Chicken Pie Casserolehere
Savoury Pinic Muffins here
Slow Cooked Baked Pototoes here





So until next time
Sam xx


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