Fingers crossed the sun comes out today


Well the men have finished and the sun came out so much that to was warm today in Sydney so I had a chance to shovel the chicken poo and give the coop a quick clean. I went and bought some straw for them and they had a hoot all afternoon scratching around.

While the men were here we managed to cut down some trees so i used some of the branches to get my compost started. Yah



Well I’m up early as the men are at the house working hard again. Today is the last day so fingers crossed it doesn’t rain.

I have survived the first week of the school holidays . My boys have been playing on the playstation and computers which is ok as it’s so wet out side.

My today list seems to be getting longer every day with only one or two things crossed off it.

I’m a bit all over the place typing as I want to go back to bed and get some more sleep but thats not going to happen. Maybe I could sneak a nana nap later and no one notice.

Friday photo



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