Where are the days going?

I’m still here, the past few weeks have been very busy.

Last week I helped a church family pack and clean their home complete with 3 kids as they are moving to Malawi, Africa. Yes you did read right.

This is there blog link if you would to have a read The Ongs

10 years ago God placed on their hearts as a newly married couple the Youth of Malawi. So now they are almost there. On tuesday just gone my husband and friends said goodbye to this very dear family as they boarded a plane to start this amazing journey.


It has reminded me of the journey God has had myself and my family on over the past 20 odd years in ministry. While I sat in there living room surround by packing boxes I start to remember how we to packed and sold just about everything and to follow what God had called us to – full time Christian Ministry.

We moved twice before we got to Melbourne Vic so Pete could study full time, we moved to Hamilton NZ with our first born to take up our first ministry position, we moved to Palmerston North NZ with another son to take up our second church, moved twice while there, and some 5 years ago moved back to Sydney Australia to take up our current church position, and have moved twice since.

Each time we moved we got to declutter our lives, as we do fill it with so much STUFF.

As I have spent last week helping this family I stopped and started to think again what stuff is filling my life that I could (need) to get rid of. I don’t think we will be moving any time soon so it’s something I need to start thinking about doing again.

What STUFF is filling your life right now, is the something you want to get rid off?

You are not alone.

For me decluttering is part of the journey over the past few months I have been looking into ways that I can simplifier my life and my families. I have been looking into ways that I can save money so that I (may) not need to return to work. I know that I have reskilled myself as a beauty therapist I do love it I see it more as a ministry opportunity, but I would love to be at home helping Pete and the boys more than anything.


I have so much to tell and show you all, I will try to stay on top of blogging. I’ve been knitting, sewing, baking, making candles, getting the vegetable patch ready, looking after the chickens and looking forward to our holiday in a few weeks as a family.

So until next time
Sam xx


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