Having a summer holiday in winter.

Today is the day, it’s been almost 2.5years since we have had a real holiday as a family.

We didn’t get away this past Christmas break as it was meant to rain again like the year prior with the Qld floods and yes we got stuck in the those camping in 10/11 Christmas holiday.

So now you can see why today is a big day.

The boys are still in bed as I race around the house finishing of the cleaning as we have a house guest staying to look after the chickens. Lily (the dog) has gone to the kennels to have fun with all the other little dogs.

Were are we going – Noosa





For those following Rhonda’s blog down to earth we are about 45 mins away from where she lives.
I miss out meeting her as she will be in Noosa the afternoon that we leave to come home.

I will be doing lots of reading, knitting, sewing, visiting craft shops and off course catching up on much needed sleep.

So hope everyone has a great week, will be in touch this time next week.

Bye for now


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