What a beautiful morning

Well not long now and we will be getting ready to head home.

Our family holiday has been heaps of fun, so much that we went for a drive to find somewhere nice to stay next year.

We found a nice place on the Noosa river that we are looking into.

What do you think about Munna Beach .

Anyway today started with breakfast with these visitors.


It’s looking abit overcast today so what does a girl do – books herself in for a 2hr beauty treatment.
Cant wait going to Organically Day Spa

Looked at lots of amazing shops in Hasting St, Noosa. Looks like a lot have closed down due to the downturn with the economy, a new hotel has opened in the main street, very very expensive starts at $650 a nigh not sure how long it will last.

I headed down to Brisbane yesterday and spent some time with mum and dad, and then popped into my grandmother’s place on the way back up the coast. Took Leighton with me everyone can’t get over how tall he is and he is still growing.

Wondering how everything is going back home fingers crossed Albert and the girls will be still there (every time we go away the fox comes and gets them).

So until next week take care




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