Sunday…..what did u get up to

I’m trying to keep on top of the house as I had it spot less before going away a few weeks back.

So Sunday is now baking day (after church of course) and now with my new Kenwood I needed to give it a good go.

So I made fresh bread for the lunches and made so cookies for the boys lunch boxes. Later tonight I hope to get some cupcakes/muffins also made.

I made gluten free from a pre mix from Springhill Farm i did a bulk order and got it at a good price, and the white bread is from Down to Earth by Rhonda

Why home bake?

I’m finding with the increase in food prices that I’m able to make more with 2kg of flour, sugar and butter and with the girls are laying eggs so that saves money. I even thought about asking if I can have a cow but I know someone will laugh at me. I’m still working on him for the goats.

I sometimes add fresh orange grated and juiced for a different flavor as I always have fresh fruit and veg.

So what have you made this weekend?

making my gluten free bread

making white bread for the rest of the family

The end result.

Choc chip biscuits

Until next time
Sam xx


One comment

  1. Like you, I made a few loaves of bread, and chocolate chip cookies with my daughter.
    The cookies are supposed to last for a week for snacks in homepacked lunches, but somehow they only last up to Wednesday around here!

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