What a week and now I’m sick

I have totally lost track of the days this past week.

I spent my time getting everything made and ready for the markets that was held yesterday.

Below are some photos (to save time typing) I didn’t think you want to see every single item.








Plus my yoyo hair clips don’t know what’s happened to the photo.

Here are pics of the markets. I didn’t make all the beautiful sewing items Robyn did. My items are as per the photos above. It was our first time selling at markets and we both had lots of fun, meet new friends, networked with some fair trade owners and linked them to our social justice group at church so they can be part of the hills network, ate to much food from the food stalls, my favorite was the Indian food.

This is Robyn and I. I’m on the right.





I woke on Friday morning with a runny nose thinking here we go I’ve gone all winter and not go sick and today it starts. Woke very early Saturday 5am as i had to be at the markets by 6am for set up, with a sore throat and it went down hill from there. By 1pm I had no voice so popped into the drs on the way home from the markets and she confirmed that I have a throat infection and not to speak for the next 24hrs. My family are happy with this. Of course.

What will this week bring. As I lay in bed and read different books and google some ideas I have I feel that I need to get back to the basics. Tomorrow I will blog about what my ideas are. I’m so determined to plan out the next six months with the focus on simple living and how I’m going to do this. My man has already noticed how I have made some changes for example meal planning and making more food at home which leads to saving money as we don’t go to the shops much.

Plus people at our church now comment to him about this blog and how they have enjoyed some of the ideas I write about. He is a bit old schooled and thinks I waste some time doing these things but I have noticed him coming around with some of my ideas and supporting me.

So until tomorrow enjoy Sunday

Sam xx



  1. Hi Sam,
    Have just popped over after seeing your post at my place 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better. Love the look of those candles! I love markets. Good luck with them.
    See you again soon,

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