Chasing my tail.

Another week has gone, I don’t know where but all I know it’s not coming back.

Today is Friday and as I write this feel that today is the day I will be chasing my tail.

I have heaps to get done but don’t know where to start. Yesterday I spent the day dreaming about all the things I want (would like) to order for my on line shop Four Red Hens. I love all the shabby chic country look but want to try and stay true to stocking Australian made. This is something that I very passionate about. We are a country that has some of the most talent designers and manufactures, it such a shame it has to go off shore and them come back for all to buy at a cheap price. I personally feel that we should pay the correct price for all the hard work that has gone into the item.

Ok I’m getting of my high horse.

Why I’m I chasing my tail? Here is a list of things that I keep writing each day to be done in my “to do book”

– look into prices and set up for an electric fence
– get prices for 2 goats
– make a new chook dome
– plan my veggie garden
For this to happen I need to make the beds, get some good soil, work out what I’m going to plant
and make sure the wild rabbits can’t get in to the garden
– spring clean the house before winter gets here again
– get the boys to clean there rooms
– get a green house
– look into making my own soap
– get better at my meal planning and to STICK to it
– trying to find somewhere I can buy items in bulk ie borax, washing soda, flour etc
– go through all the boys clothing and sort out and donation whats to small
– get prices for joining the gym again

I know I shouldnt keep stressing about all of this but I would love to get on top of one or two big things.

I know that I have made baby steps towards frugal living but some times would like to feel that some of the big projects also are getting done.

I’ve been reading a few books that I ordered, I read blogs most morning and this helps me as I see that for some people it has taken years to achieve this style of lifestyle.

Here are some of the blogs I read.

Rhonda from Down to Earth

The Organised Housewife

The Inner Prickle

The Pickle Bums

The Edible Urban Garden

Another great on Milkwood

and this blog is by my new dear friend Mel Providence Meadows

So please visit these blogs and have a read over the weekend, you never now you to may start to make some small changes in the bigger picture.

So to finish of here are some pics of the week that was.










Until Monday have a great weekend and be safe.

Sam xxx



  1. I have days like that too…and yes today is one of them. Armed with my things to do list I’ve just made, I will work through them slowly through the day….that’s if I can stop reading wonderful blogs like yours that I can’t seem to drag myself away from lol

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