Do you remember

This afternoon I went to Spotlight with my eldest son as he wants some long pj’s. I was going to buy him some but after looking at the quality thought I could make them plus I really only like buying 100% cotton clothing and it’s hard to find sometimes.

So I told him “I could make you some” he laughed as all 14 year old boys would at such a suggestion but I said i could try but he would need to come with me and pick the fabric and pattern.

This is what we came home with……



The pattern was on sale for $7.50 and the fabric was $24.95 but the lady gave us $10 due to a promotion so it only cost me $22.50 for both.

I have cotton and cord at home so still saved on that.

The funny thing about all of this is I had to explain to him how I was going to make his pants. Kids today really don’t have an understanding of where and how things are made. They just walk into a shop pick something off a rack, pay for it, take it home and wear it when they are ready.

Do you remember when your mum made you clothes? What did she make?

My nana was a seamstress so I think it runs in the family but with two sons I stopped sewing. My passion was smocking. I still have my smocking machine, it’s travelled to different countries as we move around but now is in a packing box long forgotten. Hate to say it but if I became a grandmother it will get to come out and visit the world again. I’m thinking 20+ years away for that to happen.

So fingers crossed and I may even have pictures to show you all over the next few days. I know it has 2hours to make but not in this family.

Have a great night




  1. Amen Sam! I love that mummy-made stuff is back in fashion. I got heaps of homemade clothes as a kid, but to be honest, I thought they were so daggy. Good job convincing your boy to let you have a crack, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out … they’ll be the best quality PJ’s he’s ever owned!!

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