Not the blog entry I started this morning

This is a different entry as I was writing this morning about my new veggie patch I was working on.

Instead we had the local fire brigade turn up and said that they would do a burn for us. We have friends from church that belong to the local voluntary fire bridage so this was unexpected.






The area the fire has been burning will grow again and the trees will regrow. It’s all part of the cycle.

As I’ve been reading a lot about simple living I’ve realized the importance of looking after the land. Even as a Christian we have a duty to take care of the earth that God has given us. We only have one chance at it.

So I’m hoping to finish the veggie garden over this coming week and finish my entry.

Take care

Sam Xcode



  1. And it’s amazing to think that without fire some of our native Aussie plants would reproduce as they need the intense heat to open 🙂

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