My new friend for the next 24hrs

I just wanted to show you my new sleep partner for the next 24hrs.

Meet Mr Blood Pressure Machine



You may be asking why do I have this thing attached to me…..well over the past year I’ve had some health issues with my thyroid and with all the medication I’ve had to take to get it under control we aren’t sure what effect it’s had on my heart. At the moment I’ve have two tests and it looks ok but I still have high pressure so hence my sleeping partner for tonight. My man is hoping all the beeping ever hour won’t keep him awake. At the moment it’s every half hour until 9pm then every hour till the morning. It comes off at approx 12.30 tomorrow. Bring it on. I’m so over it all ready.

Has anyone else had these sort of test before?

In a way this why I’ve becoming passionate about making lifestyle changes, to reduce my stress, and watch what I eat hence making everything from scratch and either homegrown or organic.

Have a great night

Sam šŸ’’



  1. I had one on about a month ago, so can sympathise with you. You only have 14 1/2 hours to go, so hang in there.

    Good on you for the lifestyle changes you are making.

  2. I haven’t had that particular machine , but I have been on blood pressure meds for 2 years now (i am 39) and I have had changes to my bp meds, 4 times since May. I have also had a lot of heart related tests done as well, so I can sympathize. You are doing the best thing you can do for your health, making lifestyle changes, I just (re) started down the road to good health myself this week, trying to up my active living and rejoining weight watchers. I will be following along your journey. Good luck!


  3. And if you can’t buy organic buying from a fruit and veg shop rather than large chain supermarkets is great.
    You should also get a parcel from me in the mail this week xo

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