It’s spring yeah right!

It’s now 20th Sept and today I got back into finishing my new veggie garden.


It’s 1st September and here in Australia is the first day of spring.

I think someone forgot to tell the weather man as its cold and windy again! The sun is out but not very warm.

Everyone has been excited praying it would became warmer as its been a cold year to date even summer was not like normal.

My plan for today is to start my veggie garden. I’m thinking that I’m a bit late but better late than never. Ive picked a new spot at the front of the house.

View of the area I’m going to use.


I’m only making one plot today as I’m trying a new idea no dig garden this is the link if you are interested. It’s a great website with details information and photos on how to much it.

20th Sept

I’ve managed to finish the second plot and get the potatoes in also.


I’ve now have two no dig plots.

The one at the back has lettuces and spinach under the tunnel. We still get the odd frost plus I don’t want to feed the wild rabbits

The one at the front I did today. I popped black plastic on top again to stop the rabbits plus it helps break the straw down a bit before planting.

To the right I have two lots of sweet peas and the green round thing is my potatoes.

At the back hanging are my two upside under tomatoes with flowers on them. Yah

So fingers crossed that it all takes. I’m going to be adding more back as its all new I’m going to pay a visit to our local nursery for some advice.

What do you want in your garden this season………

On a sad note I lot one of my beautiful white hens yesterday the fox had her for lunch. Albert the rooster kept crying out for her this morning. I felt sad for him.


Until next time

Sam 🐔


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