Meal planning

Today I decided to really work out a meal plan. I’ve read lots of other people’s blog about them but never really sat down and tried to work it. My husband works long hours and my boys both have after school activities so sometimes we may just have weetbix for dinner. I know how shameful.

This is what I came up with

Thursday – fish balls*
Friday – beef stir fry*
Saturday -homemade soup and
Sunday – what ever my man is taking myself and Master L plus two of L’s friend to the Sydney Football grand final.
Monday – chicken and cashews*
Tuesday – beef tacos
Wednesday – herbed chicken*
Thursday – homemade pork sausages*
Friday – apricot chicken*
Saturday – sausage casserole*
Sunday – leftovers
Monday – chicken enchiladas
Tuesday – homemade soup

* plus either rice, veg, salad

Pay week is fortnightly on a Wednesday so fingers crossed that we last. The only thing I may need to buy is extra milk.

So how much did this all cost.

I had to buy a selection of herbs and spices that I didnt have but will now use over.

Aldi $ 97.51
Woollies $ 98.32

Sub Total $195.83

Xtra $ 36.73 ie herbs & spiders, mag for me and moisturizer

Total $ 223.34 77 items


Do you have a meal plan that you may like to share…….

Until next time

Sam 🐥


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