It’s October!

Can you believe today is the first of October 2012. The year is almost over.

This morning I read a blog by Rhonda Hetzel from Down to Earth link here talking about routines. This is an area I struggle in and the importance of planning.

When I choose to start making simple life changes I didn’t really understand that you need to plan which areas to change first and how to plan for them. I thought just change this to that and all would be good. Just go to the shops and buy what I need and of I would go.


So what have i leant to do to first.

I bought Rhonda’s book and read it, I still re-read it

At night
Write a list every night with the things that I need and would like to get done the next day.
The must do I write in Red so it first
Fill the dishwasher and pre set the time so it comes on after 10pm it’s cheaper to ran then
Fill the washing machine and it also for after 10pm
Get the meat for dinner

In the mornings
I normally get up at 6am
Make fresh biscuits or popcorn for the boys lunch boxes
Make their lunches
Iron uniforms if not all ready on
Feed the chickens
Feed the dog
Get boys up (as I have a tween and a teenager they need a nudge to get going more than once)
Try and get boys and a husband out the door by 8.10am
After they have gone dishes gone
Washing out
Bread in the bread machine
Then onto my list.


I use to write it on post it note and would lose them (more planning was required) now I write in a large A4 book. Every one knows not to touch or move it. It’s sitting on the kitchen bench filled with ideas and bills to pay.

So back to today……im starting to get a wee bit stressed as I need to plan the next 3 months.
I have 2 possibly 3 craft fairs I’m selling at with my good friend Robyn from Arjay Creations, I need to get knitting, sewing and making items to sell. I have orders already for my candles that I need to make. I need to also start with Christmas gift for Pete’s staff, need to plan next seasons veggie for the garden, declutter the house go through all the clothes and donate mainly the boys. I’ve tried to start a sourdough starter but I think I killed it so need to find out what went wrong also start my ginger beer starter.


If you would like to also start on this journey here are some great blogs I read (most are US homesteading blog but I find the principles are very much the same)

The Organised Housewife

Passionate Homemaker

Greenhaven Good Life

Mooberry Farm

Frugally Sustainable

Well I better get of my butt and get moving so I can get today’s list done and enjoy the sunshine.

Can I ask how do you plan what you need to get done? I love finding out about easier ways to live this life.

Have a great day – I love this picture it shows how working together great things can be archived.



One comment

  1. I have evolved my routines similar to yours. I have tried different methods, but I have found what works best for me is to write it down in an A4 book as you do.
    I love Rhonda’s book, and purchased one for me and one for my Mum.
    I haven’t read Rhonda’s blog this morning, so will pop over to have a look at her post on routines.

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