Running late

I’m running a wee bit behind at the moment.

Last week my husband got sick. Like most Aussies men he said ‘I’m all right mate’ well this time he wasn’t.

Pete and I are in pastoral ministry and he went and visited an elderly man in our local nursing home last thursday and came home with a few extra visitors aka GERMS. Friday I took Pete to the doctors, the dr wanted him to go to hospital umm that didn’t happen. He rested at Saturday as he had to preach Sunday, got thought that Praise God, Monday morning I knew he wasn’t doing to good he didn’t even argue when I said he was going to the hospital.

He was so sick that he ended up in hospital for a few days while they got fluids into him and blood tests results to work out what it was.

These few days reminded me of a blog Rhonda at Down to Earth wrote when her husband had a accident – that I needed to have phone numbers of people I could contact (all our family live interstate), have quick easy meals in the freezer so the boys could feed them selves. Some cash on hand for parking etc.

Do you have an emergency plan in your house?


On a lighter note I a had a friend design for me my new logo for Four Red Hens. My on line shop that I will have items for sale.

Please visit my Facebook page and like so you can keep upto date. Lots of new items coming very some.

Four Red Hens.

Have a great week



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