Busy busy busy

Hi folks,

Where are the days and weeks going. Christmas is just around the corner. I’ve have so much to get done before them.

This is my dinning table covered with craft that I’m panicking about needing to get completed over the next few weeks.

Robyn from Arjaycreations and I will be be at Castle Hill Community Church Family markets on Saturday 17 November, so if you in the area pop in and say hi.


How is everyone going with there Christmas plans? Each year I think to myself this year I will be organised and it comes and goes so quickly.

I’ve been google trying to get some ideas about how to plan ahead of time and I found a great site that you can print of a planner free of charge.

I love this site Lovely Living Christmas Planner

They heaps of other great ideas. It’s an Australian site, I love supporting Aussie sites.

Please take the time during all your preparation to stop and remember why we celebrate Christmas. It’s one of the most important days on the calendar for Christians (which I’m one) but we get so wrapped up in buying the biggest and best items for family and friends that we don’t think of what this day is all about.


Until next time
Sam xxx


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