I’ve turned 45

Well what a day.
Yesterday was my 45th birthday. As it was on a Sunday we had a very busy day of church, special morning tea followed by our church AGM. So any birthday was going to be very quite. Which I did enjoy.

Later in the afternoon we (Pete & I) popped back over to church and looked after the small children for the Young Families Christmas Party. We look after the children so the mums and dads can have time together.

I was quite surprised as two of the families gave me flowers and beautiful cards for the birthday.

Here are some pictures.



The roses are from Pete and the my boys. They gave me on Saturday.

Well today is Monday and life goes on. I’ve got heaps of crafting to get completed before the market on the 7 Dec and I’m just about finished an order for candles.


I was aiming for the colour to be a bit stronger ie green and red for Christmas but they have come out soft so I’m going to add some nice Christmas ribbon and bows onto them.

So I better get moving, have a great weekend
Love Sam xx


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