What fun we had last night.

I’m sitting in bed this morning with a headache after a very busy day and night yesterday.

Robyn and I had so much fun at the twilight markets. It did look like rain at one time but it stayed away.


This is our set up.

It takes us approx 1.30hrs to get ready and pull down and back into the cars in less than 30mins.

Some people just walk past, and some really amazing people would stay and chat. Most of the time admiring Robyn’s amazing sewing and creative fabric combinations. I even sold out of my Christmas Trivets one lady bought all three she knew exactly what there were and has ordered another three to be collected next Saturday at another market we are at. Dreamers at Parramatta Riverside.


Robyn shared with me that about 4years ago she had a dream to try something like this but was not sure how she would be able to do it or if people would like and buy what she makes. She does belong to a sewing/craft co op were twice a year they all come together in a community centre to promote and sell their ware. This has been and is very popular. But to do markets was a different thing. Robyn said a few months back that she would like to do a market or two and I said “look I will come and sit with you and give you a hand” oh silly me 😀 now the rest is history.

Yesterday I laughed and said ” one day Robyn we will need two spots beside each other, one for you and one for me as we are adding more to our lines” Robyn’s reply “that would be exciting”.

I would like to encourage you, as you read today’s post if you have an idea to do something not matter what it is – have a go!

Like Robyn, I too never dreamt to be doing this. I don’t have a large range to sell just a few different items. I’ve tried to work out what I can do (not necessary very good) but good enough to feel comfortable to sell. Like Robyn, you may have a friend that you can join together with. It doesn’t need to cost a huge amount of money to get start when you join with a friend either, Robyn gives me all (well most) of her off cuts of fabric and I use them to make button hair ties and yoyo hair clips.

You may have a craft like painting, cooking, sewing, jewelry, knitting anything. We both went to some local markets to see what others were selling, not to copy but to get an idea of whats sells and what doesn’t and to come up with something a bit different to sell.

It is a wee bit scary at first but once you have taken that first step it does and will get easier.

Just a reminder this is where we will be next Saturday 15 December. Can you spot my hand knitted dishcloths on the promo banner below?





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