2 weeks goes fast

We are heading back in the morning home. Two weeks in paradise is just what we needed.

The boys have enjoyed the beach and swimming in the pool. We have family across the road in the caravan park so the kids come and go all the time.
I know they are eager to get home so they can get back onto the technology but all and all they have enjoyed it here.

During this break I’ve taken the time to plan what I would like to be doing for 2013. Family life, church life, work life and business life. At times I wear so many different hats I forget which one is on.

I made a vision board on Pinterest which I will look at again and refocus and stream line my commitments with.

Areas I’m going to look at are meal planning, plan to home make just about everything I can, budgeting (we would like to save for an investment property can’t afford anything were we live), get my vegetable garden more productive, upgrade the chicken coop, declutting the house implement better storage of documents, streamline my product range for Four Red Hens and get my website/online shop front up and going, improve my health so that I can get all this done.


Next week I will be getting the boys ready for back to school with shoes fittings and stationery to buy. I bought some pens and paper etc while on holidays so I’m hoping it won’t be to hard. I’m so over shopping.

The week after that the boys are at church youth group camp for 3 days. I’m planning to clean out their rooms while they are away.

The week after that its back to school for the boys. Senior school for one and Middle school still for the other. My eldest has one day at school them off to camp (again) for 3 days. Then is February which is scary so much to get done.

I’m praying your week is great.

To my friends in Tassie I’m praying that you are not effected by the fires and that none off your friends or family are either.

Until next time take care….

Sam xxx


One comment

  1. There is something about cleaning out a childs room while they are away hey!
    I want to spend less this year, only buying what the kids NEED clothing wise and you have encouraged me to buy less food and prepare more at home xox

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