This post has been hard to write.

Today’s post is a little hard to write. My house is now quite as the boys have gone to school and my man has popped out also. I’m of to work in a few hours.

What I feel I need to put on on paper(computer) is my battle with depression. Ok Sam it’s alright you have said it out loud so many times but to write about it is another thing.

Why today? I don’t know why I’m feel a little down due to (I think) not getting my health back. It’s been two years this month Feb, since I burned and crashed. Spent three months in bed and took the time to get better and stronger. Went back to part time work, went back to TAFE to study then I hit a brick wall again. Spent Father’s Day 2011 in hospital due to an over active thyroid and heart issues. I was in the middle of having a thyroid storm, were the body products way to much of a hormone and the body turns on itself and on top of this my body was suffering with inflammation.

During 2011/12 I saw my GP every single week blood tests every 3 weeks, my specialist every month, said she only sees about 2 people a year like me so I sort of knew it was going to be a long road to recovery. I basically pumped my body with drugs they gave me trying to get it back to normal. I have also put on sooooo much weight. Having an over active thyroid you lose weight no not me due to the inflammation my body it swells up and I gain weight.

My faith has been tested so many times. Why me God? Aren’t we doing what you have asked of us? Have I missed something not listened clearly?


My thyroid has just gone back into a “normal” range so I should be coming of those drugs.
My blood pressure is being controlled now by medication which has been hard. Why because I never had a problem with it until last year not even when I as pregnant. Even last week at yet another drs appt it was high that I had to double my normal dose.

Update went to the dr today and my BP is up again. We don’t know why? She thinks its a few different things so we are going to work on getting it sorted then will tackle the issues I’m facing.

If you have days when you feel you want to stay in bed, don’t wont to see or talk to any one or things are all to much you are not alone.

Here in Australia there any a few organizations that can help

Beyond Blue click here

Salvation Army click here

Mind Health Connect click here

Have a great day

Sam xx



  1. I have been meaning to comment for an few days Sam – sorry it has taken so long!

    Thank you for your honesty, sometimes the hardest posts bring the greatest freedoms and results… while I can’t relate to your specific problems, I can relate to the on-going health problems and associated depression. But please be encouraged – my ‘incurable disease’ which was supposed to have left me basically bed-ridden and in immense pain, is now almost 100% healed… I still get the odd bad day, but that is all it is. If God can do this for me, then I believe and pray He’ll do the same for you. I remember how hard it was to believe this when you’re in the middle of it – I was blessed to have friends who held me up and prayed and believed on my behalf ; they were my sanity (Leanne, Marianne, Tash etc). I pray you have this as well.

    ((((((HUGS))))))) and prayers coming your way. xx

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