Sneak peak

The last few weeks have been very busy, with the boys going back to school, sport starting up again, Mr P back to work and the long hours there, trying to get my sewing and craft ready for market early in March and refocusing back to the simple things again, ie why I so want to live simply I forgotten to keep my blog going.

So I thought I would tempt you all with some photos of some of my ideas I would like to share over the coming weeks.

Homemade Vicks shower discs – just in time before winter arrives


Homemade air fresher – no chemicals


Homemade shaving creame


Homemade packet mixes (you won’t need to buy another box cake mix again)


Homemade washing liquid.


Homemade Dry balls – these will save you money if you use your clothes dryer in winter.


Please I have found some great blogs that I would love to share with more great ideas to help you save money.

Have a great week.




  1. ohhhhh….I am very much looking forward to you sharing these!!! Love the packet mixes. Feel free to share my cordial recipe too, we are never buying cordial again!!! šŸ™‚

  2. Looks amazing – you’re inspiring me to start trying things outside my comfort zone… shame I don’t really have the time yet, maybe one day though!

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