I’m so over this rain

It hasn’t stopped raining now for 6 days straight. Just what we all need at the start of the school holidays.

In this post I’m going to share the benefits of stockpiling food. I have been adding items that are on special over the past months, just in case I run out of something or when things get tight money wise.

It doesn’t matter how much I try to save some extra cash each month I seem to be withdrawing it and spending it on doctors bills, medication, or something the boys really need.

One of my boys has just completed his trial hike for his bronze Duke of Ed. I have had to spend some money to get wet weather gear and waterproof boots and a few other extras. This came to approx $350. Again I sort of budgeted for it but not quite that mach. We looked at all the sales. The only thing I paid full for was a pair of hiking pants $50. Only as he is very tall and skinny it was hard to find something to fit.

So as we head into this weekend money is tight till pay day next week. But never fail I had my stockpile of food items that could be used.

Living in the western world in a large city we get so use to being able to jump in the car go to the shops and buy what ever we want when ever we want. Were we live our major supermarket is open from 7am to 10pm 7 days a week.

So what did I whip up, I had a bag of oranges that the boys weren’t eating so I juiced them.




I made some bread.


This morning my man complained that they was nothing to eat, so I made some ginger nut buscuits

I also made chocolate brownies and orange cupcakes but forgot to take of picture.

I’m also growing some winter veggies lots of greens as Tippy our rabbit loves greens. I was paying $2 -$3 every few days but now go and pick some from the garden.


Tonight we had some pasta (a light meal) knowing that the boys would complain later that they were still hunger made peach crumble. This was with some caned peaches I bought. I bought 10tins when they cost me only $1 each.

All other cooking ingredient I had as I had bought in bulk a few months back. The eggs were from from chickens, more money saved.

Tomorrow for lunch I have half a pumpkin left so soup it will be and scrambled eggs with bacon.

Until next time take care
Sam xxx


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