It’s Monday morning and I’m wanted to share what I did over the weekend. I popped into our local fruit and veggie store on Saturday afternoon and bought our regular supply of locally grown f&v for the week.

I bought a bit more than normal so instead of letting it go off or the chickens would get it, I decided to the freeze the surplus.

What we need to remember is if you want to freeze either fruit or veggies its best to blanch them first.

I had some rhubarb, carrots and broccoli.

1. Wash and cut into small pieces

2. Pop into the sieve

3. Fill a saucepan with water and bring to boil

4. When boiling pop rhubarb in for 1 min, carrots for 3-5mins, broccoli for 1-1.5min ( do separately not all together)

5. When time is up remove and pop into ice water

6. Once cold lay on flat tray on paper towel to dry

7. When dry pop into freezer bags or containers, label and pop into the freezer.





This is all I had left but next time I will try some fruit.

Have a great week
Sam xx


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