Bargain time

Who doesn’t like a saving.

My husband and I are so bad. We don’t really like paying full price if we can.

I had to pop into Wollies today to get some rubbish bags and cash out and instead came home with 5 bags of food. All marked down. I needed to buy meat anyway.

I normally don’t buy from the large supermarket as I like to support local business but this was to good a bargain to miss.

What I got was

2 x Oz T bone steak normally $6.08 paid $2.98each
2 x Gourmet Chicken cheese & garlic sausages normally $ 5.68 paid $3.98each
2 x Quick cook Italian meatballs normally $5.99 paid $4.19each
2 x Chicken kebab satay normally $8.29 paid $5.80each
2 x Gourmet Chicken mango & chilli sausages normally $5.68 paid $3.98each
1 x Whole chicken split tandoori normally $ 8.23 paid $5.76
2 x organic beef mince 500g normally $8.23 paid $5.82each
2 x turkey sausages normally $3.39 paid $2.37each
1 x bag of Greek salad normally $5.50 paid $2.75

Most of the meat had a use by date of the 14 or 15 September and as I freeze everything didn’t matter.

I also picked up some cat littler for the rabbit marked down normally $14.30 paid $8.58
It was marked down as the bag had been ripped.

Now the savings.
If I had paid full price it would of cost me $ 114.65 drum roll… I paid only $75.23 saving of $39.42.

It’s all about knowing when your local supermarket does their marked downs.

We know all milk, cheese, etc from that section at Wollies is marked down around 7-7.30am in the morning. (I’ve been even in my PJ’s and hat on as my hair is mess in the mornings – I think the lady is starting to know what we like)

I even freeze milk and cream when marked down.

Bread and fruit &veg is in the late afternoon around 6ish. I buy up and freeze it.

So do you try and look for the mark downs?

Let me know what you have saved on lately and where……

Until next time


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