Farm animals we’ll not quite.

These are my farm animals.

Don’t they all look scary.

Albert the rooster

Speckles the hen

Moo moo the hen

Chocolate the hen

Tippy the rabbit

Lily the guard dog

And I didn’t want to leave out Mac the sheep. He is of having fun at another farm for a while, hanging with his best mate Polly the cow.


It’s a long weekend here in Australia. So take care everyone

Until next time
Sam xx



  1. Haha – they’re SO scary! Gorgeous! We want hens one day… along with a few other animals; WHEN we get some land and build a house ;-)!

    I remember you commented on a blog recently about a website (I think) that you think I’d be keen on? I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply – PLEASE send anything through you think I’d be interested in to: The way my e-mails are set up now (Luke has just updated our e-mail system), if I don’t reply straight away I miss it… urghhh!

    Hope all is well over your side!

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