Slow cooker Pumpkin Soup

Here where we live the weather has been crazy, one minute it feels like summer is just around the corner then the next it’s raining and cold like winter.

Today is one of those days, so I’ve made some pumpkin soup in the slow cooker for lunch but no one wanted it so it will be on offer tomorrow after church.


It is so simple, I used three veggies and some herbs and chicken stock. That’s it.

Just chop up 1 pumpkin, 1 onion, 1 sweet pototoe, pop in the slow cooker. Then I add a little ginger, all spices, I crushed up two stock cubes and filled the pot to just cover the veggies then salt and pepper to taste.

Popped it on low and let it do it’s thing.

When veggies are soft then blend all together. I’ve left it on keep warm for the afternoon just in case someone gets hungry before dinner which is a lamb roast which is cooking all day slowing in the other slow cooker.

Keep safe.

Sam xxx


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