Speckles survived

We are back from holidays yesterday and the first thing I did was have a really good look at where this fox got in.

While looking around I found Speckles sitting in her box.

I didn’t disturb her till this morning. I went down with a towel just in case she was injured and found that she is sitting on one egg. It doesn’t look like the fox has touch her.

I’m not sure how long this has been for so we have decided to just let she stay put.

This is her.

Now I’m madly looking up and reading about the life cycle of eggs to see how long this will take.

Can anyone help me out with ideas?

I will keep you all posted.




  1. We had a fox decimate our flock too. It was long ago, and we abandoned the chicken raising. Speckles is cute. Hope she hatches the egg.

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