Goals for 2014

This past week I’ve been reading blogs about what others are planning for this year.

It has made me think about what I would love to achieve here at home.

As we rent here I really can’t be all that permanent but I know I can put a few things in place.

put in a few more veggie boxes in
plan what to plant (I really struggle with know what and when to plant)
get some small variety fruit trees.

need a new chicken coop that is fox proof bought one today 14/1/14
look at make my our feed mix
electric fence
plan my blogs

clean out study and get a new filing system
organize pantry better with basic
update stockpile of food

Personal*a must had a big health scare this week updated 15/1/14
find a Pilate class
improve my health
lose 10kg
meal plan for better meals

Theses are a few of my favorite things.

Just wondering if anyone else has some goals they can share?

Sam xxx


3 thoughts on “Goals for 2014

  1. Hi Sam,
    Regarding your comment about struggling to know what to plant when, I have found a great resource which emails me each month telling me what to plant that month, and when it will be ready to harvest. It is a free service. The site is http://www.gardenate.com/. You just put in where you live ( Australia, temperate zone) and it gives you the list of what to plant. Voila!

  2. Great to meet you in Melbourne Sam! I have one big goal, to move from WA to Tassie by the end of the year. That encompasses a whole lot of small goals like getting the house to sale ready state, go through everything of my mums that I have hoarded since she passed in 2009 etc etc. Step 1 is accomplished, leaving my work place to concentrate on getting this started. Reading your blog makes me happy I am on the right track to get out of the city & have a more rural & community minded life. Happy to see Speckles made it! xx

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