What can I make with left over cooked chicken?

Yes I’m still here. Some of you may be a bit over hearing this again from me. I’ve been busy with some major health issues (well major for me) I will tell you all about it another time.

I just wanted to share something I’ve just made for dinner. I know you will like it.

Left over chicken curry recipe

1 sml onion, finely chopped (I chopped up in my Thermo)
4tbs butter
3tbs plain flour
2 cups milk
Keen’s Curry Powder
Shredded leftover chicken – approx half a large BBQ chook (I chopped up in my Thermo)
Optional – frozen peas

Fry onion in 1tbs butter until soft and transparent. Transfer to a bowl.
Melt remaining butter over medium heat and add flour, whisking for a few seconds until all combined. Remove pan from heat and add milk slowly, whisking swiftly until all combined and any lumps removed. Put pan back on heat and continue whisking slowly for approx 5-10mins until sauce has thickened.
Add curry powder to taste.
Add chicken and onion into sauce and mix through.
I added so frozen peas.
Cook uncovered on low heat approx 10-15 mins until heated through.
Serve with rice – yummy! (This was cooking in my Thermo while it all heating through)



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