Let’s help our Aussie farmers

Please note I have just cut and pasted the details from the Sunrise website.


Weekend Sunrise is launching a 4 week campaign called Dollar4Drought. We’re encouraging all Australians to give $1 to farmers.

Dollar4Drought Campaign is a community initiative raising funds for drought-affected farmers in Queensland and New South Wales. Your gift will enable food and produce vouchers to be purchased and distributed to those in need.

As we’ve been covering in recent months two thirds of Queensland and NSW farms are now in severe drought.

This week, they finally received some relief. The Federal Government extended a 300 million dollar lifeline, giving drought hit farmers access to cheap loans and income support.

Farmers battle the drought of the millennium. The news was music to the ears of many on the land.



To donate visit http://www.salvos.org.au

PLEASE NOTE: Website is slow due to overwhelming response. Please be patient, and try again later. Your support means a lot.


The Salvation Army
BSB 032 006
ACCT # 810 633
Reference: 333444


Donations can aslo be made at Westpac Bank brances.

Please use #dollar4drought and help spread the word on social media

I in no way have will have receive any payment for this post. Helping Aussie farmers is something I’m passionate about.

Sam xx


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