What’s in the box?


I follow a blog called The Veggie Lady she is based here in Sydney and she made reference to this little box filled with lots of great information for growing fruit and veggies here in Australia. A lot of the books I find are either on growing seasons in the UK or USA.

About the Box

The Vegie Box is a complete guide to growing your own organic vegetables, beautifully presented in a pine box with laminated growing cards, a comprehensive Handbook and Gardener’s diary. The Vegie Box kit includes –
26 laminated cards of the most popular vegetables, including beans, beetroot, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, potatoes and tomatoes. The cards include tips on when & how to plant, companion plants, preferred soils and advice on ideal growing & harvesting techniques.

The Handbook contains over 100 pages of organic growing advice on a diverse range of topics including organic principles, soil, seed-raising, transplanting, mulching, fertilisers, seed-saving, etc. There are charts for seed sowing, crop rotation and seed-saving, a vegetable gardening calendar and instructions on compost-making, all from an organic perspective. Beautiful colour photographs accompany the text.

The 5 year Gardener’s Diary enables the gardener to record and plan activities in the garden. It can be used as a logbook, workbook and memory-jogger. Comparisons can be made with successes and failures in previous years, enabling adjustments and continuous improvement.

The Vegie Box is an ideal gift for the aspiring, beginner or competent gardener wanting to know more about the organic approach and produce their own nutrient-dense, healthy and flavourful food without any chemicals.

source : wwww.vegiebox.com.au

If you would like to order visit http://boxbooks.com.au/shop/the-vegie-box/

I’m sorry wordpress has updated itself on my iPad and I haven’t worked out yet how to link websites. Please cut and paste in search engine to find.

I have no association and or have I financially benefitted from the above company.

Love Sam xxx


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