Where are the months going?

I’m still here.

Most morning I think I will sit and write a post, then it’s the next day.

I really don’t remember April the kids were on holidays, we celebrate Easter and ANZAC day here is Australia. I drove (11hrs) up to Brisbane to visit my mum as she has been very sick and helped her around the house.

Unfortunately all my photos are on my phone. I havent been able to work out how to get them onto my iPad.

Here in Australia we are heading into Winter. Some days I think it has already arrived, but no it’s going to get colder.

With this in mind we have clear a lot of old and overgrown trees and bushes which now allows so much natural light and warmth into our house.

I have been able to use the sunshine to warm our home and when I get home from work quickly race around closing the curtains and blinds to help keep in warm so that we we don’t need to turn the gas heater on.

A few weeks back order in two bottles of gas. I could believe the bill it’s over $400. Once it gone it’s gone I won’t be buying anymore this winter.

What do you do to heat your home?



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