Eating healthy (let’s hope)

I’m home today so the kids are at school my man is at work and I’m watching my crazy dog run around the house.

I’ve I have been surfing the net and fb and came across a great website for my thermomix. I bought it last year went they were offering it on interest free line of credit plus it was during a time when I was trying to get a handle on my health issues and most things I was reading said to cut out particular ingredients, so going back to the basics it was to be.

This is the site I came across this morning.

The road to loving my thermomix

It covers everything possible that you can make in your machine, not just meals to be eaten but also beauty products, cleaning products and more which I do love.

This is my thermomix (it’s a bit dirtying as I was making milo drinks before school for the boys for breakfast)

It’s going to have a work out today I’m going to whip up some after school snacks for the boys.

Do you have a thermomix and if so what websites do your recommend?

Take care

Sam xxxx>



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