How to sew a button on….

This past week my man and I have been in Perth Australia. We are truly blessed with friends that have helped look after our boys so that we could travel to the other side of this country and attend a conference.

While we have been away the boys have had to learn to become organized
and look after themselves in the morning. We had a very good friend house sit so the boys weren’t alone.

I think they all have had lots of fun.

While I was reading a blog this morning I started thinking that I do a wee bit to much for the boys, I need to teach them to become independent for their future wives.

I found this great article about how to sew a button. Something simple but something I know my boys could do well in learning.

How to sew a button on.


What other life skills should I teach my boys?

Sam xxx



  1. I’ve been inspired to teach my boys how to sew their own buttons, thank you. I think other skills your boys could benefit from would include cleaning (that’s right, vacuuming, dusting, and deep cleaning the kitchen) as well as washing and ironing. My boys (age 16 and 15) have these down pat.

  2. Ohhhhh – lets see, some basic cooking skills; not just for their future wives, but also their future flatmates! And definitely cleaning, again – wives and flatmates will benefit from these skills as well!

    My hubby is fantastic – while I do the basic day-to-day cleaning, he gets down and does the deep cleaning (bath, shower, cleaning windows / tiles, getting rid of mould, fridge, oven etc)! I find that I can barely keep on top of the ‘normal’ stuff with two young children, but as they get older I am sure it’ll get easier!

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