Morning Routines

I’ve had last week of work as I went to Perth with my man.

This morning was a bit of a shock to the system as I had to get out bed early and get back into the routine to get kids up for school and myself off to work.

Lily is enjoying the morning sunshine.

My morning routine looks a bit like this…
630ish – up of out bed, some morning I pop a load of washing on
645am – I normally have breakfast of tea and toast
700am – wake the boys (they can be very slow movers)
715am – make and pack the boys lunches and school bags
730am – I get to sit and read some blogs while everyone finished getting themselves ready
800am – my man takes boys to school, I hang the washing out, and get dinner ready
830am – quick morning clean
900am – I shower and get ready to go to work
915am – I’m out the door for work

Do you have a morning routine?

Or do you have any suggestions to help me in the morning

love Sam xxx


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