Op shopping

Today I was meant to go the the Sydney craft fair and catch up with some lovely ladies but we (as a family)have had a very busy week.

As my man is the Senior Pastor of our church he has been out every night this week plus his normal days in the office plus it’s school holidays so the boys have been home.

I woke this morning and decided to have the day at home in my PJs for all long as I could.

After making lunch, home made potato & leek soup and did a bit of washing thought I needed to pop out to our local op shop. I only had $50 in my purse as I’m trying very hard to stick to a budget. So I was really looking for some large glass if possible jars for my sourdough starter and my Kombucha starter that I have working on making. But instead came home with these wonderful bargains.

A big bag of red yarn $1.20
A lace doily $1
A pair of size 5 interchangeable needles .50c
and a spring loaded cake tin $4
I’m thinking I did pretty good.
I even had some change to pop into the butcher and buy some meat, this will last till my man’s pay day on Wednesday.

Did you know that in August it’s Op Shop Week this covers all op shops not just the Salvos, so if you have one near you pop in or make a donation of resale-able goods.

Please note I don’t have any associations with the Salvation Army I just shop there.

Have a great day
Sam xxx


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