Well here she is. Why “she” it all starts with the mother Scoby and the longer you care for it she will have babies.

That’s the SCOBY floating around.

I started yesterday getting the tea mix prepared and this morning pop the Scoby in, now fingers crossed in a weeks time she will be all ready for drinking.

What is Kombucha? Kombucha has been drunk for centuries, but it wasn’t until the 1990’s that Kombucha was brought to the west. Renowned for it’s detoxifying, probiotic rich, immune building, anxiety bashing, energy lifting, liver loving effects, it has quickly grown in popularity.

I have adapted the recipe in “From Scratch cookbook” by Shaye Elliott, she has a website called The Elliott Homestead.

So here is what I’ve done.

You need;
4 bags of organic black tea
1 cup of sugar (don’t worry the sugar is consumed by the yeast in the fermentation process)
3.8litres of filtered water

So here goes
1. Heat up the water to just below boiling. (I boiled mind for a few minutes as I didn’t use filtered water). Add the sugar and stir till dissolved. Then add the tea bags. Cover, remove from the heat, and let cool over night at room temperature. If you make first thing in the morning just let it cool all day.

2. After the tea mixture has completely cooled, remove the tea bags, pour the liquid in to either a food grade bucket or a large glass jar/bottle.

3. Add the SCOBY, cover the bucket or bottle and tuck it away somewhere for a week. After a week do a taste test and when it’s done to your liking then proceed with the bottling.

4. Remove the SCOBY. Store the SCOBY in a jar and fill with 1 cup of the Kombucha tea. This will feed it until you are ready to use again.

5. Pour the fermented Kombucha into reusable glass bottles and screw the lids on. You can add a small amount of juice for flavor if you like.

6. Let the filled bottles sit on the kitchen bench for 2-3 more days which will allow for a second fermentation. After that move the bottle to the fridge and drink as you please.

So that’s it nice and easy.

If you are local to me and would like to make this but need a SCOBY just email me and I will organise to get you a SCOBY once I have some spare ones.

Until next time

Sam xxxx


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