Ok I get the hint!

I’m not going to say it…..I’m sorry for taking so long between posts ok I’ve said it. I may of lost a few of you along the way but I’ve had to to take some time (again) and refocus myself.

Over the past few weeks and months I’ve been trying to keep my head above water in many areas of my life. Some who know me may be scratching there heads wonder what is she talking about – I see Sam every Sunday at church standing beside Pete supporting him in his role as our Senior Pastor she looks so happy. Please don’t get me wrong I love the call on our lives, it’s that sometimes it’s hard when you can’t control all the other stuff in it.

On Sunday it all came to a head. Ps Nic’s word spoke deep in my heart. Here is the link to his sermon “Silence – Is God really there?” I realized that I have to STOP and listen in the silence of my day to God for his direction. At times I thought that He isn’t listening to my cries for help but no it’s ME that isn’t listening in the silence to what he is trying to make me hear.


I came home from church had some lunch then wasn’t feeling 100% went and a sleep and it all went down hill fast. Monday I woke so sick that as I type this haven’t been able to return to work yet. I’m hoping to go back tomorrow. But through this week I have had time to rest and listen to God. Pete also stayed home yesterday as he was sick also. He was so bored worse than the kids.

So what has God been trying to get me to understand? For me and what he has called our family to do, I need to slow down, declutter my life and my home, go back to the basics, remove toxins from our home, spend quality time with my boys, take back control of my health and enjoy life, enjoy my little craft business Four Red Hens Robyn and I have had some God moments with complete strangers during the past year. It’s something dear to us both and something I know I have to be more organized in doing. These are the next markets we are at.


I know I listed slow down but God has clearly told me to be able to do this I must first (with his strength) take control back my health and all the others will fall into place. Im trying not to laugh to loud because my health this week with this flu has been crazy, compounded worse with being diagnosed with Fibromalagia all my joints have been swollen and sore and to top it off I’m on medication for high blood pressure well on Wednesday night blacked out because my blood pressure was way to low. Go figure that one out.

Ok God I can take the hint! He has reminded me that I’m created in his image so I must take care of my body so I can do what he has called me to do.


Are you listening to HIM?

Love Sam



  1. Sounds like me talking Sam, I am going to do the same – I have just de-cluttered and am trying to slow down 🙂 I’ have also eliminated Gluten from my diet. Good Luck with it all, we will both get where we want to be one step at a time. Hugs – Fee xx

  2. It’s hard work – all this decluttering and simplifying… we’re on the same path, for similar reasons; not for my health, but my husband and daughter. It has been a slow process, but we’re getting there; as I am sure you will too. Hope you’re starting to feel better now. So sorry to hear you have fibro on top of everything else as well.

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