Miracle Spray

Miracle Spray

I have to share this amazing homemade product.

Ive made it a few times and need to make some more tomorrow.

I found it at My Abundantlife

Thanks Wendy for sharing

Miracle Spray

Here it is. The much talked about Miracle Spray. This wonderful recipe was revealed by a member of The Cheapskates Club a couple of years ago. She mentioned in passing that she was making a cleaning spray and all the members on the Cheapskate’s forum begged her for the recipe.

I must say, Miracle Spray has changed my life. It was like having a ” lightbulb moment ” when I started using it. It replaces so many cleaning products and can save you a few hundred dollars a year. It’s so much better for your health. I suffer from nasty sinus headaches from time to time. If I can gather enough strength to clean my showers with the Miracle Spray, my sinuses are cleared within minutes.

1.5 litres of water ( 1 cup of very hot water )

300mls of white vinegar – no name

60mls of dishwashing liquid – good quality

25mls of eucalyptus oil – not water soluble

3 tablespoons of Lectric soda powder


Miracle Spray ingredients

Mix the Lectric soda in 1 cup of very hot water to dissolve.

Add remainder of ingredients into a 2 litre bottle, fill up with tap water and shake well. Decant into spray bottles.


This can be used on kitchen benches, sinks, toilets, laundry stains, washing freshener, tiled / vinyl floors, showers and carpet stains. It also removes stickers from items. Just spray a few times and leave it for a couple of minutes then wipe the sticker off.

Please do not use on timber surfaces as it could damage the finish.
Please do not use on mirrors as the oil will leave the mirrors streaky.

I quite often make the Miracle Spray in double strength. Just double all the ingredients into a 2 litre bottle and top up with water. Label the bottles as ” double strength “. Dilute it when you fill up the spray bottles.

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